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  We offer more than the standard landscape designer; we work with the natural flow of the land creating a design that fosters water and resource management. Proudly associated with Madeen Architecture and Construction, LLC . Our preferred contractor. 
  Giving you control throughout your whole property while producing healthier soil; setting a platform for high food production if you choose! We take a holistic approach to your property, needs and wildest dreams; while still respecting your HOA requirements. We design a low maintenance eco-system, to feed your mind, body and spirit; by observing the environment and your family's needs. Using region appropriate food and support plants, utilizing ethical gardening techniques, your yard can become an experience that changes with the seasons and your needs. By design.
We are eager to design your experience!

Possibilities and Potential
We are a family owned permaculture design company located in Englewood, Colorado. We can design patio/porch gardens to large acre parcels.  We look forward to helping you reach your goals. 
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DirtRich Permaculture, LLC.
We understand the current economic climate and see the opportunities available to lessen some of the burdens of hectic modern life. We believe in honest work for honest pay and that everyone, regardless of economics, should be able to better their circumstances.